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What's Included:
  • Over 37 videos of Training: Spanned over 4 intense weeks that cover many high end production level visual effects techniques and insights to get your skills to production level quickly.
  • Includes ALL Scene Assets: The training includes all the 3D files, and other scene assets necessary to do the training - as well as additional files and everything you'll ever need to create high quality visual effects shots! 
  • Lifetime Access: Step by step processes to help you implement and start using the 4 principals. You'll have LIFETIME ACCESS to all the training you register for TODAY
  •  Secure Personal Username/Password Access: Step by step processes to help you implement and start using the 4 principals
  •  INSTANT ACCESS - Once you sign up you'll have be able to LOG IN and have INSTANT ACCESS to the course in MINUTES!
  •  BONUS MATERIAL - Our goal is to always over deliver. Not only will you get everything mentioned in the course, but also multiple other bonuses not yet mentioned. This is part of ensuring you have everything you need to kick your career and training into high gear!

Troy Buckley

Allan breaks down each concept into easily digestible lessons. Theory is a core part of this training and goes well beyond just copying settings and pushing the same buttons. Once training is complete, I could apply the techniques to many other shots and situations beyond the training example. Not only can I produce a shot from start to finish, but understanding the process and how to adapt knowledge for any shot I need to create.

Tom Lear

This is far and away the best VFX training you will find on the internet right now. I've taken Gnomon, Lynda, CMIvfx, DT, CGSociety and course with several other major trainers - McKay blows them all out of the water. Be prepared to work HARD and learn a lot in this class - you may end up losing a month's sleep and being 15 pounds lighter, but this time, it's a sacrifice worth undertaking.
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